Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin 是一款对应任天堂游戏主机 GameCubeWii 的模拟器。它可以让电脑玩家以全高清 (1080p) 画质体验这两款主机的游戏,还具有兼容电脑手柄、加速、多人联网等增强功能。

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Unlocked: RetroAchievements Come to Dolphin

Dolphin's users are always looking for new ways to play their favorite games. And when a project called "RetroAchievements" started gaining popularity for adding achievements into retro games, users started wondering if Dolphin would ever add support for the project. Unfortunately for them, Dolphin isn't a retro game emulator. We're a modern emulator that emulates two recent Nintendo consoles! RetroAchievements wouldn't make sense-

Ah shi-

RetroAchievements Dolphin Launch Announcement!

That's right, it's finally here. RetroAchievements integration has come …


Dolphin Releases Announcement

On the 24th of June, 2016, Dolphin 5.0 was released. The product of a long and hard transition period, the fundamental inaccuracies that plagued Dolphin for over a decade had successfully been undone, and Dolphin was now free of its burdens to swim forward into a new era of accuracy and performance.

Eight years have passed since that great release, and we have seen the dividends of that effort time and …


Dolphin Progress Report Tenth Anniversary Special: February, March, and April 2024

In late 2012, Dolphin moved to a brand new website - With complete control of our own home and infrastructure for the first time, we noticed the accessibility to users that it gave us. Not only did we get a new home, but we also got a platform, one that allowed us to communicate directly to our users! We used it to great effect, explaining big changes to the emulator such as tev_fixes_new, getting ahead of controversy when we removed the popular D3D9 graphics backend, calling …